What is Google my Business?

There are a number of tools and features that are a part of Google. Google My Business is one such Google feature that has become an essential component of digital marketing.

What is Google my Business?

Most people know of Google as a search engine. It’s become a regular part of everyday life, this ability to “Google” something and find an answer.

Yet, Google isn’t only a search engine. There are a number of other tools and features that are a part of Google. Google My Business is one such Google feature that has become an essential component of digital marketing.

‌‌Google My Business

Google My Business is often referred to as GMB. It is a business listing that has a number of useful aspects for businesses. Google My Business is an important directory because using it is one of the most effective ways to increase a business’ appearance in search results. It provides every business the opportunity to appear as one of the top listings in search results, even alongside large companies.‌‌

This is a huge benefit for smaller, local businesses because Google My Business allows them to show up at the top of search results when people search for local businesses in their industry.

For example, if a business is in the clothing industry and someone searches for a clothes store in their location, they won’t merely be given the large, popular clothing companies for their results. The small, local business has the opportunity to appear at the top of the results thanks to Google My Business.

Why Businesses Need to Use Google My Business

Google My Business is quickly becoming one of the “musts” of digital marketing. Any business that is serious about increasing their visibility and gaining leads, needs to get a Google My Business listing.

There are a handful of reasons why Google My Business is an essential marketing tool, including:

- Top spot in search results

Most people use Google as a search engine when they’re looking for a local business. When they do, nearly all of them use a recommendation from the first results page. In fact, most people don’t even click on the second page.

What that means is that if you own a business, you need to figure out how to get your business to show up on that first page as a top ranking. Search engine optimization can be effective, but the problem is that so many businesses are using SEO strategies and vying for those top spots. For some industries, SEO can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

With Google My Business, you are increasing your probability of not just receiving a top ranking, but receiving one of the top three spots. Obtaining one of these top three spots guarantees that you will increase your traffic, leads, and conversions.

‌‌ - Visibility in local searches

It is imperative for local businesses to appear in search results. Without that visibility, they can be lost amidst the larger and well-known companies. In fact, the top three businesses that appear in Google search results, are usually local businesses by an overwhelming majority.

If you have a local business, you will need to make sure that your business will show in local search results. Google My Business provides the best opportunity for it to do so.

- Ability to rise above the competition

Currently, listing your business on Google My Business offers you an incredible chance to stand out for your competition. This is because, while most businesses are attempting SEO, most of them are unaware of GMB and the benefits of listing with it. Even if these businesses end up with a first page ranking, that won’t help them much if your business shows up as one of the top three.

As a local business, your top three ranking will help ensure that you receive the lead before your competition does. However, if your local competition is on Google My Business, then they will receive those benefits, and if you’re not there, you won’t.‌‌

- More leads and conversions

When you list on Google My Business, you are making it simple for consumers to find you. The GMB listings include your one-click phone number, your address, and a link to your website. All that potential customers have to do is press on your phone number to call you or click on your link to be redirected to your website.

With GMB, you will notice your traffic increase immensely, which will ensure that you receive new conversions.

- Appearing to be an expert

Showing up at the top of the search results helps to build trust in searchers. People tend to trust and believe that the businesses that show up first in results are experts. The simple fact that they show up at the top of the results automatically gives the business credibility.

Optimising Your Google My Business Listing

When you list your business on Google My Business, you want to make sure that your listing is optimized in order to provide your business with full benefits. Follow the simple steps to set up your GMB listing, and then go the extra mile to ensure that your listing is optimized:

- Follow Google’s guidelines

Google has a set of guidelines that businesses need to follow. If you don’t follow them, your listing might not appear where you want it to. Make sure all of your information is correct and choose your listing category carefully.‌‌

- Include customer-focused information

When you create your listing, you can include the information that you think is relevant and useful for your target market. Make sure and craft your listing so that it will stand out for your target market and provide them with the information that they are looking for.

‌‌ - Use GMB features

‌‌Google My Business offers a variety of features for their listings that you can use, and they update them often. Keep your listing up-to-date and user-friendly by utilizing the features that are relevant to your business and your target market. These features include q&a, content-based posts, and the ability to book appointments directly from your listing.

‌‌ - Encourage reviews

‌‌GMB has a review feature that provides consumers the ability to read about a business and hear customer’s experiences. You can use this to your advantage by encouraging your customers to leave positive reviews.